Janmashtami Speech in English

Janmashtami Speech in English

Janmashtami Speech in English:- Janmashtami (also Krishna Janmashtami, Krishna Ashtami, Gokul Ashtami) is a popular Hindu Festival. Hindus discovered this Festival to have fun the birthday in their beloved God Sri Krishna. This Festival is very popular among youngsters.


Janmashtami Speech in English

Janmashtami Speech in English

Janmashtami Speech in English

When was Krishna Janmastami found?

Sri Krishna was  born at mid-night of this day. It falls the month of August or September.


Janmashtami is an vital occasion for the Hindus. The delivery of Lord Krishna marks the end of inhumanity and cruelty over mankind. Krishna is a symbol of righteousness. Kansa, the uncle of Krishna, become a merciless and unholy king. Krishna saved the humans from the oppression of Kansa.

Incarnation of God:

Lord Vishnu took the shape of a person and incarnated on this earth as Sri Krishna. He took the human form to alleviate humanity form evils. The Hindu epics are complete of heroic acts of Sri Krishna. He is the author of Bhagavad Gita, the maximum famous spiritual book of the Hindus.

Krishna Janmashtami Speech in English

Ritual and Celebration:

Devotees have a look at fasting until nighttime, which is the time of birth of Lord Krishna. Temples of Sri Krishna are beautifully embellished. Thousands of Hindu males and females put on new garments and collect in these temples to have a good time the birthday of their loved God. The priest chants mantras and worship Lord Sri Krishna.

Tradition of Dahi Handi:

A lifestyle of Dahi Handi is extensively accompanied in lots of parts of India. Dahi Handi is an earthen pot filled with yogurt. On this present day, younger people form corporations and tie the ‘Dahi Handi’ at a top. Then, they stand one over any other forming a pyramid like shape to reach the ‘Dahi Handi’. It is subsequently celebrated by way of breaking the ‘Dahi Handi’

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