Thoughts Related to Janmashtami

Thoughts Related to Janmashtami

Thoughts Related to Janmashtami

Thoughts Related to Janmashtami

Thoughts Related to Janmashtami:- Krishna Janmashtami Festival is celebrated on the eighth day which is named as Ashtami of dark fortnight i.e Krishna paksha in the month of Bhadrapad which falls on August-September of Hindu calendar.

Thoughts Related to Janmashtami

It is better to carry out one’s own duties imperfectly than to grasp the duties of some other. By gratifying the responsibilities he is born with, someone never involves grief. – Bhaagvad Gita – Lord Krishna.

Be fearless and pure; never waver for your willpower or your willpower to the religious lifestyles. Give freely. Be self-managed, sincere, straightforward, loving, and complete of the choice to serve. Learn to be indifferent and to take joy in renunciation. Do no longer get irritated or harm any dwelling creature, but be compassionate and gentle; show excellent will to all. Cultivate energy, patience, will, purity; avoid malice and satisfaction. Then, you will obtain your destiny. – Bhaagvad Gita – Lord Krishna.

Experience cold or warmth, delight or ache. These reports are fleeting; they come and pass. Bear them patiently. – Bhaagvad Gita – Lord Krishna

Even although scolded by means of the wicked or insulted, ridiculed, calumniated, crushed, sure, robbed of his living or spat upon or otherwise abominabley treated via the ignorant-being accordingly variously shaken and placed in dire extremities, the man who goals his properly-being ought to deliver himself by way of his personal attempt through persistence and non-resistance. – Bhaagvad Gita – Lord Krishna

Thoughts Related to Janmashtami

Krishna insisted on outer cleanliness and internal cleansing. Clean garments and clean minds are an ideal combination. – Sai Baba

The mind acts like an enemy for people who do no longer manage it. – Bhagavad Gita – Lord Krishna

Creation is best the projection into shape of that which already exists. – Bhagavad Gita – Lord Krishna.

The mind is stressed and tough to restrain, however it’s miles subdued by using exercise. – Bhagavad Gita – Lord Krishna

In warfare, inside the wooded area, on the precipice within the mountains, On the darkish super sea, in the midst of javelins and arrows, In sleep, in confusion, in the depths of disgrace, The top deeds a person has accomplished earlier than defend him. – Bhagavad Gita – Lord Krishna

Thoughts Related to Janmashtami

The soul can by no means be reduce to pieces through any weapon, nor burned with the aid of hearth, nor moistened by means of water, nor withered through the wind – Lord Krishna

As a man or women places on new garments, giving up old ones, the soul further accepts new material our bodies, giving up the vintage and vain ones – Lord Krishna

Do everything you need to do, however no longer with greed, now not with ego, not with lust, no longer with envy but with love, compassion, humility and devotion – Lord Krishna

Intelligence refers to the strength to research matters in their right attitude, and expertise refers to expertise what is spirit and what’s remember. – Lord Krishna

One has to learn tolerance within the face of dualities which includes happiness and distress, or bloodless and heat, and through tolerating such dualities come to be unfastened from anxieties regarding advantage and loss. – Lord Krishna

Thoughts Related to Janmashtami

Abandon all attachment to the consequences of motion and gain ideally suited peace. – Lord Krishna

As the tiger devours different animals, so does the tiger of severe love and zeal for the Lord devour up lust, anger and different passions. The devotion of the gopis is the devotion of affection, consistent, unmixed and unflinching. – Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Krishna, who gives pride to all and who is completely satisfied in his own being, divided himself into as many Krishnas as there were gopis and danced and played with them. Each female felt the divine presence and divine love of Sri Krishna. Each felt herself the most blessed. Each one’s love for Krishna become so soaking up that she felt herself one with Krishna, nay knew herself to be Krishna. And anywhere their eyes fell they noticed only Krishna. – Swami Prabhavananda

You have the right to work, however never to the fruit of the paintings. You ought to in no way have interaction in movement for the sake of reward, nor must you long for inactiveness. – Lord Krishna

Wherever there’s Krishna, the master of all mystics and anywhere there may be Arjuna, the excellent archer, there will also actually be opulence, victory, tremendous power and morality. – From Bhagavad Gita 18.Seventy eight, Srila Prabhupada

Man is made via his notion. As he believes, so he is. – Lord Krishna

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